Museum of the City of New York

New York, New York

Working closely with Studio Joseph, HMWhite investigated a variety of design options that re-envisioned the transformation of the Museum’s entry forecourt and two rear roof event terraces. Each terrace was perceived to be under-programmed and “under-nourished” to reap their full potential for daily museum functions and special revenue-producing events. With a strict project budget, extensive surgery or restructuring of the terrace was not an option. As such, design options explored combinations of prefab and custom fabricated landscape elements that would establish a comprehensive updated character and spatial experience. Each design proposal acknowledged and fully respected the buildings architectural roots while providing a refreshed and inspiring new use and appearance. The rear terrace designs included a family of vertical landscape elements conjoined with moveable and fixed seating and complimentary planter structures. These landscape elements were of a scale and proportion that appeared fully fused and integrated with the building’s infrastructure. Using contemporary materials and state of the art living roof technologies, we envisioned verdant and easy-to-care-for garden terraces. The shift from empty paved and brick-sided roof terraces to playful garden outdoor rooms are certain to attract museum visitors and event planners tenfold.

Museum of the City of New York

Design Team
Landscape Architect: HMWhite
Architect: Studio Joseph
Structural Engineer: WSP

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