Weekapaug Innlet

Weekapaug, Rhode Island

Formerly a gas station and bait and tackle shop, this sandwich / candy store depot known as the Innlet, was repurposed more than 25 years ago and has evolved into the community’s primary meeting place. Situated next to the district’s office library building, parking areas and sidewalks are shared between the two buildings. These amenities had not been improved for over 70 years. The Innlet’s seasonal popularity highlighted outdated and flawed site functions, and revealed pedestrian and bike safety issues. HMWhite re-imagined the grounds shared between these two buildings as a multi-purpose summer community center set within a robust indigenous coastal landscape framework.

Two new brick walkways for pedestrians and cyclists provide direct access to the buildings and to the beach. Surface material colors and textural differences establish important safety boundaries between cars, bikers and pedestrians while introducing functional clarity and an appealing refreshed image. Performative environmental enhancements and operational and landscape design embellishments collectively uphold the charm, character and essence of the place while creating a gateway identity for this shoreline community.

Weekapaug Foundation for Conservation

Design Team
Landscape Architect: HMWhite
Contractor: Landscape Creations of RI

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