Embracing both city and garden, HMWhite’s Solar Carve sky garden exploits the unique shared landscape context of the Hudson River and the Highline below. This exposed and 12 story roof elevation prompted a thorough investigation of the micro-climate project conditions. 3D simulated wind and solar exposure models and mapping was conducted to forecast human comfort levels and challenges throughout the 8,000 square foot terrace. Each design element was positioned and designed to enhance user’s environmental comfort which would extend seasonal use and measurably improve the human experience day and night. A sequence of “outdoor” rooms was arranged to simultaneously support a variety of different uses within a common landscape framework. A vivid garden material vocabulary references familiar neighborhood characters, the building’s bold architectural design and the Hudson River’s landscape setting. The sky garden offers a one-of-a-kind exterior working and entertaining experience that brands Solar Carve as one of the most coveted boutique office buildings in New York. Places for a quiet escape, group or team meeting conferences and social gathering and entertaining hubs is every business owner’s and employee’s dream working environment.

Solar Carve Sky Garden

New York, New York


40-56 Tenth Avenue Ventures LLC
Aurora Capital

Design Team:

Landscape Architect: HMWhite
Architect: Studio Gang Architects
Micro-Climatic Specialists: Eckistics
Lighting Designer: Fisher Marantz Stone
Irrigation Consultant: WC3 Design
Contractor: Let It Grow

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