Glacial Till Retreat

Location: Haversham, Rhode Island

Nestled within a sloping woodland at a saltwater pond’s edge, this new home was sited to capitalize on a transitional “hand-in-glove” harmonious fit between its untamed tidal shoreline and its dramatic glacial till woodland. Ceasing the different light and spatial qualities of the shady forest and its adjacent exposed sloping meadow, seductive new outdoor rooms were created as immediate outgrowths of the home’s interiors.

The landscape design showcases the woodland’s extraordinary geologic heritage, and it was specifically organized around the landmark rock outcroppings. Challenging our sense of human scale, the glacial remnants humble us with their giant presence and their simple reminders of the powers of Nature’s boundless forces.  The property’s confines were resolved by celebrating the scale of the resultant spaces and treating them as small intimate courtyard gardens, framed by both the man-made structure and natural boulder outcroppings. The synergistic beauty and intersection of nature‘s own hand with that of a designed landscape deepens one’s connection with our natural world’s calming influences.

Design Team:

Landscape Architect: HMWhite
Architect: Austin Patterson Disston Architects
Building Contractor: Jamie Aluzzo, Builder, Inc.
Landscape Contractors: Broadview Landscaping

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