Montreal Botanic Garden Visitor Center

Location: Montreal, Canada

Located on the east of the Biodiversity Centre at the Montreal Botanical Garden (MBB), the new Glass Pavilion is inspired by the Garden’s greenhouses and seeks to integrate biophilic design principles with bold, innovative and organic architecture. HMWhite’s concepts for landscape and living roof development opportunities directly influenced MBB’s building form, organization and functional relationship to the Garden’s context. The fusion of interior and exterior design enabled the accommodation of multi-purpose spaces that allow visitors to experience the garden from within the pavilion and its immediate landscape spaces. The building emerges from the ground and becomes more of a landscape than a building. Each landscape move is part of a network of stormwater collection and cleansing performance design. Careful plant selections and artful compositions establish beautiful and spatially organized transitions between each landscape systems.


Montreal Botanic Garden

Design Team:

Landscape Architect: HMWhite
Architect: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects
Environmental Engineer: Langan

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