Performance Park

Location: Brooklyn, New York

This master plan design develops seven-acres of former industrial land on New York City’s East River into park space. Entitled "Performance Park", the riverfront park design incorporates a dynamic, multi-purpose public open space offering access for water recreation and space for cultural events, theatrical performances and art experiences. Drawing from the site’s industrial heritage, the design is inspired by rail interchange systems that extend the streetscape into the park and connect it with the river. The concept design sculpts the site’s flat terrain, tilting an expansive open lawn defined by a path network, and elevated platforms for gathering, skateboarding, community events, art installations and performances – all organized to showcase the riverfront and the urban landscape.

The design also expands the river’s edge into the park forming a tidal inlet channel. Layered swaths of wetland meadow planting regenerate the river’s estuary function by restoring its wetland ecology and establishing a storm water capture and remediation zone. A small craft launching pier for kayaks allows recreation and access into the river.


suckerPUNCH Architectural Association

Design Team:

Landscape Architect: HMWhite

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