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April 20, 2014


Nestled within the upland portion of a heavily sloped and dense hardwood forest, three new manor home sites are seamlessly integrated as extensions of the natural landscape. HMWhite has reconciled the preservation and restoration of the site’s natural systems to maintain minimal site disturbance within strict zoning regulations that dictated each home’s position and solar orientation.

The preservation of the site’s many exposed rock outcroppings influenced each of the building’s footprint configuration, allowing each house to embrace the woodland’s unique indigenous qualities. Site access, arrival sequence, building interior and exterior uses were simultaneously planned to maximize the amount of undisturbed landscape and open space, creating a strong sense of place through a seasonally rich and high performing landscape design. Architectural designs were then conceived where outdoor rooms were designed to become a harmonious extension of the interior room use. A slightly modified drainage pattern and bio-infiltration based stormwater management design determined the nature of each surface treatment – permeable pavement materials and restored native plant communities – all infused within the woodland context. With integrated site engineering and landscape design intentions leading the site planning and residential design criteria, an enduring and timeless “house and garden” emerges.

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