Blog > TriBeCa Penthouse Gardens Featured in 'Islands in the Sky'

January 3, 2017


TriBeCa Penthouse Gardens, our collaboration with Steve Blatz and Antonio Pio Saracino, is featured in a contemporary illustration by Boyoun Kim on the cover of Rooftops: Islands in the Sky, a new publication by TASCHEN Books. The multilingual book catalogs an international selection of urban rooftops presenting a once barren and perfunctory structural element as a new parameter of the city landscape. With the rise in urban density and the intensity of current lifestyles, rooftops are a new dimension to the city space, bringing people closer to nature and providing retreat in the midst of the bustling metropolis, elevating quality of life and overall sense of well-being.  This brilliantly photographed and illustrated book celebrates established and rising talents in the industry. 

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